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Daily photos and short posts from my 8th grade math classroom. I teach 8th grade math, Algebra I CC (called Advanced Algebra), and French 1.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 4- Foldables!

Overheard in my classroom today: "I love doing notes on foldables!"  We'll see if the enthusiasm lasts.  For now, I enjoy it and am having a good time.  I cannot, cannot, cannot wait for Tuesday when I get to set up the composition books with the kids for their ISNs and really get into things!  I gave them a week to get their materials and now I wish I had required them sooner!  For now, we're just tucking these in a folder and saying a prayer we don't lose them before Tuesday! 

Don't you just love Kimberly Geswein fonts?  They're adorable! 

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