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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day -3

Three days until the kiddos arrive!  Today we spent the morning in meetings learning about evaluations, instructional technology, PBIS, and Common Core.  Thankfully, the afternoon was ours to spend as we chose, following our traditional potluck luncheon.

Here's a new area in my room this year, all set up to welcome students' messages about their upcoming events in the school and community.  I want to attend one rec sport or performance per month this year.  I tend to do the events that happen at school, but find that I'm not all that well informed about the ones held elsewhere.  I'm hoping the kids will let me know and I can support them when my schedule allows.   (I saw this idea on another blog, someone who teaches high school stats, I think, but I can't find the link.  It was Ms. ApproxNormal!  Check out hers here.)

The collection of flyswatters isn't an indication of a pest problem, but rather awaiting rounds of the flyswatter game this year.  If you're unfamiliar, you put vocabulary on the board, give 2 students flyswatters, give a description of the vocabulary, and the first person to smack the right term earns a point for the team.  Best with small groups!

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