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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 36- A long day

Here's a sort of day in the life on my really long day today! 

5:30- alarm clock
5:39- stumble out of bed
6:40- leave home
6:45- enter classroom and begin grading the paper I should have done before leaving yesterday as well as print papers to be copied and make an answer key for next week's warm up
7:25- inquire with secretary re: sub for tomorrow
7:28- realize breakfast hasn't been delivered to my classroom; find out it will be late
7:30- children arrive and begin working in Math 8
7:45- collect and count donations for our grade's donation to the March of Dimes while kids are working on integer boot camp
8:00- lay out procedures for tomorrow's walkathon since I'll be absent and poor sub has 5 pages of plans to read over. 
8:10- go over homework with students
8:25- continue stacking cups investigation
9:00- planning period begins; start counting up donations and filling out paperwork to turn money in to the office; roll coins
9:20- turn in money
9:25- check mailbox
9:30- furiously grade more papers before a meeting
9:50- meeting with math team to plan upcoming unit
10:20- first group of Algebra students arrive
10:30- escort Algebra students to lunch; eat lunch
10:55- last bathroom break of the day, check mailbox again
11:00- pick up kids from lunch; teach Algebra.  Today we did a warm up, checked homework (lots of questions on these literal equations), and worked in our teams to solve literal equations using task cards.
12:15- classes switch; repeat Algebra.
1:40- classes switch; French students arrive.  Today we did a warm up, took a short quiz on pronouns, and used our classroom object vocabulary to ask and answer questions on paper and then with a inside-outside circle type structure.
2:25- school day is over, dismissal process begins
2:40- all students are finally dismissed
2:45- staff picture
2:55- school wide department meetings (as opposed to the grade level department meeting in the AM)
3:30- meeting ends, discussion ensues about tomorrow's conference
4:10- return to classroom to grade papers, lay out materials for sub, write up my plans on the front whiteboard (I always leave VERY specific instructions for my students so they can't tell me, "But the sub didn't tell us..."), clean off my desk, track boot camp data, prepare materials for the walkathon, etc
7:20- leave school

That was a killer day.  I hope this NCTM conference is worth it!

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