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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 31- Subjects and verbs, oh my!

This week, we've started learning grammar in French class.  It started off so simply, I didn't anticipate the number of problems my students would have.  So far, they just need to be able to identify a subject and a verb.  They're having some trouble doing that in English, so the French is interesting!  

I guess they don't mind learning grammar! 

While the kids were waiting for dismissal, they asked me if I liked the color green.  They pointed out that all of my dry erase markers on the ledge were green and there were lots of other green things in my room.  Then, one of the girls pointed out how everything in my room is color coded (the one organizational thing I have going for me), and someone else said my room looks like a rainbow.  What a polite way to point out that I am not an owner of a "pinnable" classroom!  :)  My kids are gems, and I wouldn't trade them for anything! 

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