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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 27- Homework chat

Today wasn't particularly photo-worthy.  The most remarkable thing today was how much time I spent going over the previous night's homework.  This year, I've saved a lot of time going over homework by having students go over their work with a partner and then ask questions that they couldn't figure out with their partner.  We went over every one of the six questions that I'd assigned.  Every one. 

As much as that derails a lesson plan, it was a good use of our day.  My kids hadn't grasped the idea that a system of linear equations has an infinite number of solutions (unless it has none).  We had a long discussion around this point and one of my girls said, "I'm glad we spent so much time on this homework because last night I really didn't get how a system of inequalities could have infinitely many solutions and now I see it."  OK, time well spent! 

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