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Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 18- French skits

For anyone here just for math posts, sorry.  This one's all about French class.

We did our first skits today in French class.  We've learned basic vocabulary for greetings, asking someone's name, inquiring as to how someone is, and for saying goodbye.  They put this together into a skit. 

I had a semi-rough first few weeks with these kids because a) there are 27 in a beginning language class (eep!) and b) several of the boys in particular want to ask SO many questions (usually relevant) that it's incredibly easy to divert from the lesson plan for a "teachable moment."  I'm new at teaching a language, so I'm not sure exactly how many of these cultural tidbits we need to discuss as soon as they're brought up!  Sometimes in answering their questions, I end up giving them something to laugh about.  After all, what American middle school student wouldn't snicker at the thought of air kisses on the cheeks or eating snails?

Anyway, in the middle of last week, I basically laid out to my class in clear terms that French I is an elective.  We had over 60 students apply to be in the class and 27 slots, so there are 30-some students who want to be in the class but aren't.  I let them know that the course earns a high school credit and for most of these students, French I is the only high school credit they'll have prior to 9th grade.  So, we have serious academic work to be done and done well.  And I told them that if they didn't want to be in the class, we could have a little conversation with the guidance counselor and change their schedules so a student who truly wanted the course could be there.  The whole notion of changing schedules four weeks into the year is really unlikely, but the conversation seems to have worked.  I've noticed a much better work ethic the past few classes and I'm proud! 

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